The value of Madeira Rum is due to the quality of the raw material, the commitment and experience of the producers and also to the certification process that accompanies its production.

All producers must be registered with IVBAM and, before being placed on the market, Madeira Rum is subject to a certification process. The aim is to ensure compliance with the legally defined specifications, to guarantee a high standard of product quality and to safeguard its genuineness and authenticity. The controls carried out by IVBAM cover all stages, from sugar cane to the final bottled product, ready to be sold, and the production conditions and the characteristics of the product are rigorously analysed.

Get to know in detail all the stages of the Madeira Rum control and certification process:

Minimum Organoleptic Requirements

Given its IG status, Madeira Rum must present a set of organoleptic requirements that must be present in its sensory analysis, in order to ensure a high standard of quality and demonstrate compliance with the legally defined specifications for this product.

Therefore, and based on the no. 3 of the article 7 of the Regional Legislative Decree no. 18/2021/M, IVBAM prepared an internal regulation that sets out the minimum organoleptic requirements that the product entitled to the Geographical Indication (GI) Madeira Rum must present.

Get to know in detail the regulation that defines these requirements:

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