The production and ageing of Madeira Rum influence its characteristics. In each category, therefore, there is a universe of impressions and sensations to explore.

Visual aspect

Madeira Rum is a clear, bright distillate of variable colour. In the “natural” category, it can range from colourless to slightly yellow. The “aged” rum can be from yellowish to topaz with golden to greenish reflections.


The aromas are usually characteristic of fermented sugar cane, but there are variations depending on the category:

Natural Madeira Rum

Intense aromas characteristic of the distillation of fermented sugar cane dominated by pungent alcoholic notes that convey a pleasant feeling of warmth. They often reveal tropical fruity notes specific to Madeira Rum, which suggest mango and melon. Possibility of vegetable notes.  

Aged Madeira Rum

Rich bouquet, of great complexity coming from contact with oak wood, which gives the whole sweet (honey, molasses), spicy (cinnamon, black pepper), vanilla, caramelised and toasted notes. Strong possibility of notes of dried fruits (almonds, figs, raisins) and tobacco. These aromas intensify with the time of oxidative maturation, becoming more complex, rich and harmonious. With evolution, balsamic notes (eucalyptus) may emerge. 


In the mouth, the characteristics of Madeira Rum also depend on the category.

Natural Madeira Rum

Light in the body, slightly sweet, persistent, fresh, mineral flavour, with some dryness in the mouth.

Aged Madeira Rum

The process of oxidation and concentration to which it is subjected by prolonged contact with the wood makes it more concentrated and rich in extract. It is soft, warm, intense and rounded, characteristics that intensify with the time of maturation. The sweet flavours of honey, vanilla, spices, nuts, tobacco and coffee, among others, differentiate this product due to its enormous complexity and richness. Full-bodied and persistent, it becomes smooth and pleasant with evolution.