Rum Production

Madeira Rum is classified as an “agricultural rum” because it is obtained exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of the juice from sugar cane. Its unique characteristics and qualities are due not only to traditional production processes, but also to the experience of dedicated generations, who cherished and improved its production.

The process of producing Madeira Rum begins with the harvesting of the sugar cane, which is then subjected to grinding. The resulting must is decanted and filtered to be as clean as possible.

After adjusting the sugar content, fermentation begins, a process that runs slowly and can take several days.

The so-called “cane wine”, a product resulting from fermentation, can be decanted before being distilled, preserving the quality and flavour of this product typical of the region.

Madeira Rum has a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 37,5 %.

Authorised practices

The addition of caramel as a means of adapting the colour.

The addition of water, as long as it does not alter the nature of the product.


The ageing of Madeira Rum can only be done in oak wood casks for a minimum of three years.