V Madeira Rum Festival – april, 11-16

In this edition, taking into account the success of previous years, the Madeira Rum Festival will have a longer duration and a wider space, among other novelties, which are worth visiting by the general public. It will be six days full of animation and dynamism, in an informal environment, with irreverent decoration and constant music, where the five producers that sell Madeira Rum – Engenhos do Norte, Sociedade dos Engenhos da Calheta, Engenho Novo da Madeira (William Hinton), Florentino Izildo Ferreira (O Reizinho) and Vinha Alta – will have the opportunity to promote and publicize their rums, which have unique characteristics and qualities.

As main highlights, the Festival presents a set of workshops that will be guided by several international presences, references in the universe of world rum, among which the North American Kara Newman (author of seven books on cocktails and spirits critic for the magazine Wine Enthusiast) and the British Ian Burrell (the only recognized Global Ambassador in the world for the Rum category) and Peter Holland (Rum Ambassador and Blogger), in a clear commitment by IVBAM to the internationalization of this product.

To complete the program, the Festival also presents two masterclasses of Madeira Rum & Chocolates and one of Madeira Rum & Cigars, guided by Rubina Vieira and Américo Pereira, for which those interested will have to register in advance via email. promocao.ivbam@madeira.gov.pt.