Project sheet

Project sheet

Project title
Promotion of RAM Rum and Spirits

Project code

Main objective
To promote and publicise Madeira Rum and spirits drinks produced in the RAM, at regional, national and international level, focusing on the importance of these products in the regional economy and their contribution to important tourist products from the Madeira Destination.

Region of intervention
Autonomous Region of Madeira

Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute, I.P. -RAM

Date of Approval

Start date

Completion date

Total eligible cost

European Union financial support
FEDER 156.463,27

National/regional public financial support

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results

  • To develop, optimise and strengthen a clear positioning of the “Madeira Rum” brand in the target countries;
  • To increase the awareness of Madeira Rum; 
  • To create consumption and buying habits among the target (increase in sales/export volume) in the destination countries; 
  • To communicate the characteristics of Madeira Rum and gradually also other spirits produced in RAM, as well as promoting the Region where such products are produced; 
  • To reinforce the positioning of the image of Madeira Rum in the regional, national and international markets; 
  • To encourage competitiveness amongst SMEs associated with the Madeira Rum sector; g) To attract new consumers;
  • To increase Madeira Rum exports in volume and value.