IVBAM promoted educational actions on Madeira Rum

Ações Educacionais Rum da Madeira

Throughout 2020, the Regional Department for Agriculture and Rural Development, through the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute (IVBAM), promoted a range of both on-site and online educational activities on Madeira Rum.

Among the initiatives developed by the Office of Educational Activities, projects were carried out in partnership with schools, universities and associations, notably the Madeira Bartenders’ Association, the University of Madeira and the delegation of Madeira from the National Union of Tourist Activities, Translators and Interpreters, among others”.

Together, according to Paula Jardim Duarte, President of IVBAM, these activities “demonstrated the effort that the Regional Government and IVBAM have made, despite the period of difficulty resulting from the pandemic, to ensure, also through this educational route, the visibility and renown of Madeira’s agricultural rum, sectors of extreme importance for many families and for the regional economy”.