Madeira Rum Festival starts this thursday at the central plate of Avenida Arriaga

Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute (IVBAM) will promote the fourth edition of the Madeira Rum Festival, which takes place from 21 to 24 April, at the central plate of Avenida Arriaga.

"In an informal atmosphere, visitors will be surprised by a dynamic of actions and moments, ranging from tastings and masterclass of Madeira Rum, conversations with producers, cocktail sessions, food pairing and chocolates with Madeira Rum, among other initiatives.", says a statement sent to the newsroom.

All Madeira Rum producers who sell their product will be present at this event - Engenhos do Norte, Sociedade dos Engenhos da Calheta, Engenho Novo da Madeira (William Hinton), Florentino Izildo Ferreira (O Reizinho) and Vinha Alta -, where they will have the opportunity to promote their rums, which have unique characteristics and qualities.

The Madeira Rum Festival will also have several international presences, references in the world of rum, including the Italian Marco Graziano, the Portuguese Fernando Melo, the French Nicolas Gueho and the Belgian Thierry Heins, who will visit the companies producers, with the aim of becoming aware of the production specificities of each of the various types of existing rums, in order to become true ambassadors of Madeira Rum, in a clear commitment by IVBAM to the internationalization of this product.

In addition to this challenge, the Rum Festival will also feature three Madeira Rum masterclasses, guided by Rubina Vieira and Américo Pereira, for which interested parties will have to pre-register through the email:

The Rum Festival will open its doors at 4 pm, closing at 12 am on the 21st, at 1 am on the 22nd and 23rd and at 9 pm on the 24th of April.

With this event, “IVBAM intends to reinforce the promotion of Madeira Rum, at a regional, national and international level, creating memorable moments for participants and visitors to the Festival”.

This action is part of the Madeira Rum Promotional Plan, within the scope of the Madeira Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. In JM | 19.04.2022