Abel Fernandes, Lda.

Located in Porto da Cruz, on the north of the Island of Madeira, the company Abel Fernandes has been producing rum since 1982.
This traditional distillery is the smallest in Madeira, whose main product is aged Madeira rum. 
It has dozens of barrels of more than 600 litres’ capacity (acquired from a Madeira Wine company) in its warehouse, with Rums ageing for 15, 18, 21 and 24 years.  
The older the rum, the more complex its colour, its aroma and its flavour, so the company is looking forward to the best time to sell its blends of aged rum, also known as “Aguardente Velha” (“old spirit”). 


Rua Nossa Sr.ª Guadalupe 102,
9225-051 Porto da Cruz
Ilha da Madeira
+(351) 291 562 151
32º 77’ 11.96” N 16º 82’ 91.98” W