Recipe: Engenho Novo
This is one of the most elementary cocktails for those who love Rum, made viral in Cuba today it is served everywhere there is rum. Rum, lemon juice and sugar are all you need to enjoy a delicious Daiquiri.


5cl William Hinton Rum 9 months
5cl lemon juice
2.5cl sugar syrup
(ratio of 1kg sugar to 1L)


1- Fill a glass with ice and set aside;
2- Place 5cl of William Hinton Rum 9 months in the shaker;
3- Add 5cl of lemon juice, 2,5cl of sugar syrup, place 4 ice cubes in the shaker, cover and shake;
4- Pour the ice and water from the glass you reserved and strain the liquid from the shaker into the glass;
5- Serve!