Madeira Rum highlighted at Lisbon Bar Show

Lisbon Bar Show

On the opening day of another edition of the Lisbon Bar Show of 2018, Madeira Rum was in evidence through a masterclass organized by IVBAM, which was led by the Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell, who visited Madeira and Madeira rum producers, at the invitation of IVBAM.

The expectation surrounding this masterclass was enormous since Ian Burrel enjoys a great international reputation in the Rum sector and was sharing his experiences and knowledge of Madeira Rum with everyone present at the event.

In this masterclass, several themes were addressed about Madeira’s Agricultural Rum, highlighting a unique set of factors ranging from the geography, geology and climatic conditions of the Region, the varieties of sugar cane used in production, the method of production and aging, and the know-how accumulated over centuries, as well as a commented Madeira Rum tasting, with Rum from the companies present at the event: Engenhos do Norte and Engenho Novo da Madeira.

The Lisbon Bar Show, which took place at Convento do Beato in Lisbon from 14 to 15 May 2018, was the “meeting point” for bar specialists, and enjoyed the presence of the most important bartenders at national and international level, thus positioning itself as a platform for knowledge and networking, through which suppliers, brands, points of sale, bartenders, specialists and the general public could all be aware of what is done best in this area. The presence of Madeira Rum in this event was therefore of considerable interest and relevance.

This activity was co-financed in 85% by community funds, under the Madeira 14-20 Programme, with the remainder being borne by the regional budget.