Vinha Alta, Lda.

VA Spirits is the newest distillery in Madeira island. Specializing in the production of regional fruit brandies, it also produces unique rums.
The fresh sugarcane juice is fermented in small batches using a proprietary yeast, isolated from cabernet sauvignon vines, which gives it a particular aromatic profile. Fermentation is carried out, with undiluted juice, resulting in sugarcane wines with a high alcohol content that enhances aromatic extraction. The rum ages, slowly, in malvasia madeira wine casks in our lodges located in the cold hills of Canhas, over 500m above sea level.
You can enjoy the blends selected by our master distiller and our double-distilled rums. These, after a first distillation, are fine-tuned in our hybrid still, fabricated by Carl stillsmiths, specifically for VA Spirits.


Estrada do Livramento/ Levada do Poiso, 167
9360-307 Canhas
+(351) 291 609 499
32.707867, -17.114834