Passion Fruit Mojito

Mojito de Maracujá

Recipe: Engenho Novo
The most delicious of all Mojitos is a Passion Fruit Mojito, tropical, delicious and refreshing!


4cl William Hinton Rum 9 months
Half lime wedges
20g sugar
7 mint leaves
Pulp of 2 passion fruits
Sparkling water


1- Place half a lime in a shaker;
2- Add 20g of sugar and slightly crush to release the juice and oils;
3- Add 2 passion fruits pulp and 4cl of William Hinton White Rum;
4- Stir well with a spoon and strain into a glass;
5- Add 7 mint leaves and ice;
6- Top up with sparkling water and stir again;
7- Serve!