Poncha com Rum da Madeira

It is a typical and emblematic drink of Madeira. In its traditional version, it is made with Madeira Rum, honey and lemon.
There are various versions about its origin. One of them says it is inspired in a drink produced in India, the “pãnch”, whose ingredients were similar. Its creation is also attributed to the fishermen of Câmara de Lobos who consumed it before setting out to work as a preventive measure against the flu and other illnesses. And it is said that already in the 16th century a drink similar to poncha was used in Portuguese and Castilian navigations.
Given its unique character, poncha has become an emblematic product of Madeira Island. Since 2008 it has confirmed its status as Protected Geographical Indication, meaning it is a drink recognised as typical of Madeira.


Zest and juice of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons of bee’s honey
1 scoop Madeira Rum


1 – In a glass, strongly beat the lemon zest with a pestle to extract the oils;
2 – Add the lemon juice and a measure of Madeira Rum;
3 – Add the honey and mix everything well with a “mexelote” (traditional Poncha instrument);
4 – Strain the mixture into a traditional Poncha glass;
5 – Serve with peanuts.